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What happened to the ATI Video Wonder?

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  • What happened to the ATI Video Wonder?

    Here is what ATI sent out to a query:

    "ATI constantly reviews its product lineup to ensure that our product mix offers an excellent selection of products, features and price points.

    During our recent review, we have decided to postpone the introduction of ATI-VIDEO WONDER to the retail market.

    We will be re-evaluating this decision at the end of January."

    I guess that means they either couldn't get it to work or figured they couldn't sell enough to pay for the development ;-))

    Dr. Mordrid

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    I live only 3 minutes away from ATI, I've researched their marketing strategies and the way I see it is that ATI have never been serious about NLE or hardware video capture and I don't think they will ever be.

    Because there's so much competition from other experienced companies Matrox etc. it won't be worth to spend money or the effort to get into something from scratch.

    Maerry Christmas


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      Sounds logical to me. If they were serious they would have canned those moronic software codecs of theirs a long time ago.

      Dr. Mordrid