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    I know Umfriend uses DrivePool.... I'm looking at StableBit DrivePool to finally properly organize my data. Does it support FTP out of the box or do you need the CloudDrive in addition to do this? CloudDrive might be interesting to store some very important data on a cloud (Box/dropbox), so maybe it is worth getting it.
    Is there any point in getting the scanner? (although if getting DrivePool and Clouddrive, the package deal makes sense).

    I have an old DLink NAS which is End Of Support. Its SMB version is obsolete (Windows automatically removes support for this version when you add it), so I use it only via FTP access as a manual target. It seems like an ideal candidate for storing duplicates of data using DrivePool... It is not very fast but as I understand that does not matter for DrivePool as it reads from the fastest disk. I also can repurpose an old router with a few USB harddisks to offer additional drives.

    How does DrivePool/CloudDrive react if it e.g. an ftp target or other drive is not available? Does it copy data to it as soon as it comes online?

    Up to know I was messing up with SnapRAID, but I need to safeguard my data better. Nothing happened (well, my phone died, I nearly lost all the photos on it), but I need to properly take care of my data. Currently thinking of a central computer with DrivePool/CloudDrive, every other computer (laptop/mobile) using Syncthing to synchronize important data with this central computer (and thus it gets duplicated over the drivepool).

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    On holiday trekking, happy only incidental. So short.
    DP only supports local drives unless you have clouddrive (which emulates a local NTFS drive afaik). I have no clouddrive but I seem to remember it took them some time to get it to work reliably.
    My impression is, it is not a product to try and then at fail start to RTFM.
    They have a board I think to ask people, not sure how active it is now.
    I do recommend Scanner if only because it will trigger evacuation.

    Also, CD is not a Dropbox /cloyd replacement to which you can connect from various clients circ.
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