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Beta SB Audigy & Audigy2 Drivers

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  • Beta SB Audigy & Audigy2 Drivers

    Pop along to the following link:

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    There were some new beta drivers posted on the 7-5-03 for the Audigy & Audigy 2 under Win2k/XP only.
    This download is due to expire on 31-8-03, however the final software should be available before then.

    Fixes & Features:

    Sound Blaster Audigy Specific
    Sound Blaster Audigy performance increased by 10%-15% for EAX ADVANCED HD
    Number of simultaneous voices has been doubled from 32 to 64
    Sound Blaster Audigy and Audigy 2 Benefits
    Reverb presets setting by game audio engine is now on average 10X faster
    EAX Morphing performance enhanced, typically yielding a 2X improvement in frame-rates for morphed sections.
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    This isn't finally a unified A1/A2 driver is it? With all the benefits of using the A2 drivers on an A1 made "legit"? That would be too much to hope for I suppose...
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      great, when I have decided to ditch my adigy becuse of its really weird w98 problems new drivers arive for w2k were it never causes problems
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        Caution... nobody has yet seen ANY improvement with these drivers. Before using an expiring driver set, be WARY.

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          It's realy good to see that Creative drivers has improved over time!