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  • AGP Utility from Matrox

    A couple of years ago, I had a utility from Matrox that allowed one to modify aspects of the AGP slot.

    This included telling you what speed it was running at (1X, 2X, 4X), and setting the speed.

    Now, I have misplaced that utility, and can't find it to download again.

    Can someone tell me were to find the utility?

    I need it for two systems.

    I have a P750 in an ASUS P4P8X that does not seem to be running as quickly as I had expected.

    I have a system with a G550 that was upgraded. Original system was an ASUS P3B-F motherboard with a P3 750Mhz CPU. System upgraded to an ASUS CUSL2-C motherboard and 1Ghz P3. All tests show that the video is slower - and my personal perception matches the test reports. It should be faster.

    Robert Fielder
    1 - PIII 1Ghz, G550, 512Mb, 260Gb in 3 drives, SB audigy, Yamaha sound card, 10/100 NIC, Samsung 170T, Plextor 24x12x40
    2 - PIII 550Mhz, G400 Max, 1Gb, 150Gb in several IDE and SCSI drives, Plextor 40x, LG 12x10x40, NEC 19", VE150, 10/100 NIC
    3 - PIII 933Mhz, G450 OEM, 512Mb, 30Gb (IDE and SCSI), Sony 12x10x40, 10/100 NEC, Dell monitor 19", Philips 15"
    Two more machines using other video cards, waiting for an excuse to upgrade them.

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    You want the Matrox Tech Support Tweak Util.

    Check the 'latest drivers' section on (low on the right!)