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Multimonitor Taskbar - Alternative to Ultramon's Smart Taskbar

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  • Multimonitor Taskbar - Alternative to Ultramon's Smart Taskbar

    some of you might use Ultramon; it adds some very convenient features for the use of two or more monitors; unfortunately it's not that cheap. I just stumbled about this little freeware program called Oscar's Multi-Monitor Taskbar; it's not as powerful as Ultramon but has a couple of features as well, notably the Smart Taskbar which i find very useful.

    What it does:

    * It adds second taskbar to the extended desktop on Monitor 2 (either right or left)
    * It can add third taskbar to the second Extended monitor if you have 3 monitors setup.
    * It shows only applications from that Monitor
    * It hides the applications on Monitor 2 from normal Windows Taskbar
    * Adds a Move to Monitor button to all windows applications.
    * Add Text Clipboard Extender (new 1.1.)
    * Very carefully written, I don't want to crash my own desktop!
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