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Shutdown problems with new memory

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  • Shutdown problems with new memory

    I've been having problems with my new Mushkin PC150 memory. I'm currently running with just the two 128MB Mushkin PC150 DIMMS at 2-2-2 w/DRAM idle: 10 and SDRAM MA Wait State: Normal. The problem is that I get a page fault (exception 0E) in VCACHE.VXD when I shut down Win98. The shut down completes enough to clear the dirty bit in the FS (ScanDisc doesn't run on startup) before it faults. Windows manages the virtual memory settings and there's still some free space on the swap drive when I shut down. The fault goes away when I pull the second DIMM out (running at 128 MB). I still get the fault (running at 256 MB) if I change the memory timings to 2-2-2-8-Normal or the SPD setting of 3-2-2-10-Normal (which is incorrect, see other thread). Is there a system setting I should change/check? The cache settings should automatically be adjusted for RAM size from what I was able to determine.

    • ASUS P2B-S Rev 1.03, PIII 450MHz, Award ACPI BIOS v1010, 128 MB RAM
    • MYLEX FlashPoint RAID+ (BIOS v2.02N) running RAID 0 on two 9 GB IBM DDRS 39130D Disks
    • Diamond MX300 sound card, now with MX25 S/PDIF output
    • Matrox Millennium G400 Max Dual Head - English
    • NEC 5FG monitor
    • Logitech MouseMan Wheel
    • YAMAHA CRW4416S and NEC Multispin 3x CDs
    • 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX NIC (3C905B-TX)
    • US Robotics 56K Voice FaxModem Pro
    • Pioneer DVD-303S SCSI
    • Note--All SCSI devices (except disk drives on RAID) are connected to onboard AIC7890 U2W SCSI
    • Mainly running Win98 v4.10.1998
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    Quick questions:

    Did you try to run Windows and shut it down with the 2nd stick of RAM (swapping the sticks before you do so)?

    Did you try to set the swap file yourself? (about 1.5 times the amount of RAM is okay)

    How did you set the FSB to run your mobo/CPU with the RAM? (Is your RAM compatible with the mobo?)

    Did you try default options in the BIOS?