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    Regards everyone,
    I am looking to build a new workstation PC which will have the primary task of compressing video with TMPGe as fast as possible. I have pretty much developed my recording computer for the living room, but with it's far too slow Celeron 2.2 processor, it takes 20 hours to process a film that was recorded in AVI format.
    With a firewire connection, I was thinking that I could copy a recorded .avi file over to a portable harddrive from the livingroom video computer, take that hardrive to the workstation computer and process it there.
    So, the first place, whot'll it be, AMD or Intel processor. how much power in a processor do I need to cut down the processing time from 20 hours for a 90 minute film to 4 to 5 hours? I know that TMPGe is historically slow, but I must be able to speed it up with more power
    What kind of motherboard and so on. Speed is the question here, any ideas?
    For that matter, anybody have any experience with a Compro Video Gold TV card?

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    Welcome to the forums. If you look up in the general hardware/software forum, you will see we have a dedicated forum for HTPCs. You will probably get a response by posting there.

    Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


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      double post, other one moved