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G400 and HTPC interlaced output

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  • G400 and HTPC interlaced output

    Hi all, I'm trying to build an HTPC with my G400-TV.

    Using DVDMax to watch MPEG-2 videos (recorded from satellite) output video quality (on TV) is the best ever (proper interlaced, good colors, etc.), but my problem is that (with DVDMax enable) I can't watch any OSD or use program like Meedio.
    I tried (using PowerStrip) making desktop resolution to "720x576 interlaced" (and using the clone mode to show desktop on TV), but viewing an MPEG-2 video, the tv-out is deinterlaced somewhere inside the video card (so, bad video quality ).

    My question are:

    1- it's possible (using the clone mode and with DVDMax disable) to set tv-out to be "720x576 interlaced", so that when I freeze the playback of an MPEG-2 video at full screen (watching a fast motion scene in a normal tv program, not a film), the image jerks back-forth

    2- if previus isn't possible, I can build a VGA>SCART cable, and using PowerStrip (or other programs) make screen resolution 720x576 interlaced (so, as before, when I freeze the playback of an MPEG-2 video the image jerks back-forth)

    3- it's possible, using DVDMax, show something like an OSD

    thank you very very much if any can help me with those questions ..

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    1. afaik, no

    2. you can, but I don't know whether it'll output the correct field order and/or whether a swap of field order may occur during playback

    3. only if the OSD uses an overlay subpicture. For example, the sasami2k player does this.


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      thankx very much for your answer..

      about my second question, I would try to build a VGA > SCART cable; anyway there are many schemes on the net ( ; ; ; etc. ), have you any idea which one have the best video quality..
      My test and my gool will be to display the picture below on the desktop, and the image (in the middle) have to jerk, meaning output is really interlaced (esample: black lines on field A, white lines on field B)

      about my third question, I downloaded sasami2k's really good (even if, until now, I'm not able to view OSD in DVDMax, even with "overlay mixer" checked);
      there is any other software can do this (showing an OSD in overlay mode)?
      ..Normally, I use ZoomPlayer and it's a pity it doesn't have this option

      Thankx again
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        why not use dvdmax? it's much more convenient, and has 100% proper 'interlaced' output as you want. (it will keep the right field order, etc), although it assumes 'bottom field first' (like DVD source) with no driver switch for top field first (like DV source). I suppose you can easily swap the field order in software with the decoder or player, if needed, though.

        As for OSDs, if you really want an OSD, SageTV has an API for OSD plugins so it's got to be possible to write one for SageTV. I'll look into this sooner or later as well, as I really like SageTV.

        Oh, and the Win32 port of mplayer ( outputs the OSD into the overlay as well.


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          so does VideoLan Client...

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            Many thanks for the programs ..

            the reason I'm trying to avoid DVDMax is becouse of the missing OSD and becouse everytime I start a video, there is an annoying flickering due to a resolution change.

            Now, OSD on DVDMax it's a really great step, the top will be to stay always in DVDMax mode.. showing desktop or choose the file to play without exiting DVDMax.

            On the other hand, the top will be don't use DVDMax, but have the same video quality (resolution, interlacing, colors, etc.) so I can show on tv Meedio (or any other..), OSD and watch video file without the annoying flickering.

            I downloaded all the programs you suggest: using them (mplayer and videolan) I have OSD in DVDMax, but image is green
            ..anyway I think the best one for me is Sasami2k (I like I can close a video and opening it back at the same point), but I'm trying (without success) to make Sasami showing OSD in overlay mode ..I tried many option, but how can I do this?

            I think G400 have a great tv quality (in DVDMax mode), anyway I can buy another videocard without any problem; if anyone who built an HTPC have sucessed (in any way) having an'interlaced output (with the same DVDMax quality) showing an OSD and without changing resolution everytime a video start, please let me know.

            Thankx again for the answers.


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              Sasami2k shows the OSD always in overlay in YUY2 colourspace but not in YV12 colourspace on my pc.


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                ..sorry, but I don't understand (I remember something about what is YUY2 and YV12 from university, but not so much).
                This mean I have to choose something on G400 control panel (switching YUY2 >> YV12) or it's not possible to show Sasami2k OSD on the G400?


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                  no, it's the decoder (DirectShow filter) that will output a colourspace. Look for settings there (if it can output YUY2 at all).


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                    I tryed all combination in Sasami DirectShow, but without fortune.

                    Anyway, I'm one step to what I really want (in other words DVDMax quality without using DVDMax):

                    1) I disable DVDMax

                    2) I put Anti-Flickering to 0 (in Control Panel > Display >>> Settings > Advanced >>> DualHead > TV options)

                    3) I changed resolution to 768x576 thankx to PowerStrip

                    ..and image its really more clear and the image I attached some day ago is flickering in the middle: output is interlaced!!!

                    everything is fine except when I start a video, a can hear the audio, but image is black!
                    If (without doing anything else) I choose a 800x600 resolution or any other resolution, when I start a video, image is visible.. (and when I pause the mpeg2 video, image is flickering is some condition, not always becouse of the resolution not matching 720x576 TV resolution.. in other words: it's what I want)

                    Why the hell I can't watch a video in 720x576!???

                    Please, anyone who have an idea about or have a G400 and an HTPC system, help me!!