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  • Online music! :(

    Is a song off iTunes better quality than one encoded from a CD at the same bit rate? As the source may be a master rather than a cd?
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    no idea - as a general rule. I don't have itunes in this country, but I can tell you, the songs I share with someone off iTunes sound just as good to these average ears.
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      It really depends on what format/encoding is used (AAC/MP4, MP3, WMA, etc). Music purchased via iTMS are encoded at a 128 kbps bit rate, and as far as I can tell sound just as good as songs I've ripped from a CD with 256 kbps MP3 encoding.

      Note, this comparison is based simply on the auditory experience when listening via a nice pair of computer speakers, studio headphones, and a few car stereos.
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