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Comskip to detect commercials in MPEG2 recordings

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  • Comskip to detect commercials in MPEG2 recordings

    I've found out about a programme called 'ComSkip' which analyses a MPEG2 capture made by my PVR250 board and will generate a file with frames used by commercials. It works pretty damn well on nearly all channels that transmit commercials that I can receive. Discovery Channel is problematic though, but I rarely capture anything from that, so no real problem tehre..

    here's the link with lots of info on how to use it.

    I use it in combination with a plugin for SageTV, which runs comskip in the background on a show as soon as it has finished recording it, and it will auto-skip the commercials on playback of said show after comskip has done its work.

    Appearantly you can use comskip to output 'VideoReDo' files and use the VideoReDo programme to physically cut out the commercials if for example you want to burn it to DVD.