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Time shifting video player (from WDM vid device)

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  • Time shifting video player (from WDM vid device)

    Is there a small utility just to view/record video from any WDM video device (webcam in my case ) that can time shift?
    With the emphasis on "small" and "app". I've found free things equivalent to Microsoft HTPC OS...but I just want to use it in "normal" system...
    Might be also for Linux...actually I think I've almost found it there...
    Windows preferred however, for now.

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    Allright, apparently this software , using ZoomOut plugin (inlcuded, I think), can do timeshifting.
    Unfortunatelly I can't check it at the place in which I am and I'd like to have something when leaving it...

    Is anyone willing to check? (small download, free, opensource even...)

    edit: Alternativelly...
    There's a French forum commited to this software. And some topics (using search) mention time shifting...however I have no idea if they actually say if it's supported...
    Any help from French speakers, please?
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