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Dualdisc :(

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  • Dualdisc :(

    Damn thing won't play on my computer. Can't rip to wma or mp3.

    Plays ok in hifi cd player.

    Has a so called enhanced pcm track on the dvd side at 16bit 48Khz highs are good but is missing alot of the bass.

    Yep it may have DVD-Video on it but frankly the format sucks.

    Going back to the shop.

    PS Is dualdisc protection defeated by a little bit of tape on the outer rim?
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    Not sure about the tape thing - but I agree dualdiscs suck.

    I am currently using a Samsung DVD player which currently doubles as a CD player for my stereo, and it won't play the regular CD side of dualdiscs! So I have to play the audio from the DVD side which requires me turning on the tv, waiting through a loadscreen, and then selecting Stereo, etc. (I have NIN's With Teeth and soad's Hypnotize on dualdisc)
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