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Which case for a Windows MCE?

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  • Which case for a Windows MCE?

    Hallo everybody,

    I've been fiddling around with Windows Media Center Edition 2005 for a while now, and was planning on getting a Silverstone case with the Microsoft MCE remote. However, the Silverstone website has a little caveat - that it only works with their own remote.

    Has anyone used it, or can they recommend another MCE case which has a compatible IR receiver built-in to the front of the case?

    Thanks in advance,


    Edit: The Zalman HD160 seems appropriate - any UK suppliers? I found QuietPC have it, but not in silver version at the moment.
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    I love my Silverstone case!!
    Well worth a look, particularly the LC16-M model.

    I have the LC10-M, and running MCE.
    The remote works perfectly with MCE, no configuration needed.
    It basically mimics the keyboard keys, so it'll work with everything, unlike the MCE remote.
    Plus don't forget you can use the remote to control the mouse cursor! Something the MCE remote cannot do.
    Oh and it actually looks and feels better than the MCE remote too.
    I highly recommend using the iMON remote over the MCE remote.

    And I haven't seen the Zalman HD160 available anywhere else either...
    Hopefully the likes of KustomPCs, Xcases, etc will have it very soon.
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