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ASIO Windows DSP speaker crossover software!!

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  • ASIO Windows DSP speaker crossover software!!

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    I'm quite excited about this. It seems like an interesting way to use a multichannel soundcard (one output per driver). Although I guess you would have to be careful not to blow up your tweeter!!!

    Loudspeaker Phase Arbitrator

    The Loudspeaker Phase Arbitrator is a real-time Digital Signal Processing program that runs on MS Windows XP. It is VST compliant, which means that it can be used as a processing plug-in in a variety of digital audio applications. To make it more appealing to audiophiles it comes with a shell program that allows the user to take advantage of an ASIO compatible sound card without the need for purchasing and learning additional software.
    The Loudspeaker Phase Arbitrator takes the well known DSP concept of forward-reverse processing that results in linear phase processing and spans it across two domains- digital and analog. The reverse part takes place in the digital domain through the Arbitrator; the forward part is performed by loudspeaker's crossovers. The Arbitrator doesn't change the frequency content of the material it processes- only the phase. When properly dialed in, the phase shift introduced by the Arbitrator is very close to mirror image of the phase shift introduced by the loudspeaker's crossover. The Arbitrator also compensates for the phase shift caused by the low frequency roll off of the box/woofer combo.
    The combination results in near zero phase shift, or transient-perfect reproduction while preserving the loudspeaker's own frequency response.
    The Arbitrator is a perfect tool for people who own passive loudspeakers and enjoy their performance in the frequency domain. The Arbitrator can add another dimension to the reproduction by dramatically improving the system's impulse response.
    The Phase Arbitrator is designed to process audio in the most transparent way. It uses 64 bit math at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz (hardware dependent). It outputs 24bit audio.

    Loudspeaker Frequency Allocator

    Product Support

    The Loudspeaker Frequency Allocator is a 4-way, stereo DSP loudspeaker crossover that works with ASIO compatible multichannel sound cards on a Windows XP computer. Macintosh version is coming as well. Layout of each crossover leg is consistent with the way professional loudspeaker design software packages work. User is not limited to pre-canned filter algorithms such as B3 or LR4 that are so prevalent in the available hardware and software crossovers on the market today. Instead, we provide a series of flexible processing blocks that can be individually optimized to deliver the best match for the loudspeaker drivers used. Textbook filter settings are of course possible (either through direct input or by recalling factory patches), as are a vast range of other settings.
    A brief list of features:

    fully integrated Phase Arbitrator section for transient-perfect reproduction.
    each DSP crossover leg adjustable from 6dB/oct to 42dB/oct on Low Pass and High Pass side.
    4- band fully parametric equalizer in each leg.
    low and high shelving filters in each leg- both switchable between 6dB/oct and 12dB/oct (with q adjustment).
    up to 50msec delay in each leg- adjustable in 0.01msec steps (3.4mm resolution).
    output polarity switch in each leg.
    filter response display.
    frequency response data (.frd text file) for each loudspeaker driver can be imported and merged with filter's response.
    three zoom levels for viewing of the graphs.
    fully skinnable- GUI clearly laid out in an xml-like file.
    comes with two premade skins.
    64bit processing throughout. SSE2 instructions utilized.
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