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  • Htpc & Hifi :o)

    Dear Santa,

    Thought it was quite cool

    Nothing is impossible, some things are just unlikely.

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    looks cool, but the review is sorely lacking in audio detail.
    they also state it is a 100W per channel amplifier card. 5.1 channels. 600W?
    PMPO maybe, but more probably a 100W total power amp, nearly 20W per channel.
    How would someones PSU cope with it otherwise...?

    Its for a very niche market.....but it has its place.
    It would give a few ideas to many people.....
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      This site is rather fun for computer audio lovers.

      Home to trustworthy coverage of 2 channel and immersive HiFi and high tech convergence through subjective and objective product reviews, how-to articles, and show coverage.
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