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how to allocate 5 irqs?

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  • how to allocate 5 irqs?

    I just got a BP6 and am trying to get it ready for a G400. How do you guys allocate IRQs on your SCSI setups? I have:
    1. Adaptec SCSI controller
    2. 3Com Network card
    3. Vortex2 Sound card
    4. DXr2 AC3/DVD decoder
    5. PCI video card which doesn't need an IRQ right now.

    The Abit MB shares an IRQ between the AGP slot and one of the PCI slots.
    I know, I could get rid of the Dxr2, but then I wouldn't be able to rent a bunch of DVDs and timeshift watching them by dubbing to tape if I use the G400 DVD support, plus you lose AC3 output :-(

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    Totally SCSI?

    If you are not using any, nor intend to use any IDE devices, why not disable them in BIOS. This will free up 2 IRQ's, number 14 and 15.

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      Also, if you might use a PS/2 connected mouse setup (don't know if that's on an Abit), you could clear the IRQ for the com port as well (mostly COM:1/3=IRQ#4)
      If you don't use COM:1/4 then you might want to kill IRQ#3 as well.

      Keyboard in PS/2 setup uses IRQ#1... I don't know if that's the same at the Serial setup??
      Plus: Any printerport... if you use an USB printer, you can clear LPT:1 at IRQ#7.



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        Actually, this is how I have my BX6v2 set up (mostly the same as your BP6)...

        Please note also that PCI slots 4 and 5 share an IRQ with each other and also with the USB port.

        Starting Off:

        IRQ0 = System
        IRQ1 = Keyboard
        IRQ2 = IRQ9 Cascade
        IRQ3 = FREE
        IRQ4 = Com1
        IRQ5 = Sound Blaster Emulation
        IRQ6 = Floppy
        IRQ7 = LPT1
        IRQ8 = System Timer
        IRQ9 = FREE
        IRQ10 = FREE
        IRQ11 = FREE
        IRQ12 = Mouse Port
        IRQ13 = System
        IRQ14 = IDE1
        IRQ15 = IDE2

        I make sure that the Video, Sound, and SCSI get their own IRQ's (9, 10, 11) and make my other devices (NIC, DVD when I had it) share a single IRQ.

        In reality, it often works to just let Windows figure it out... that's how my wife's machine is set up, I don't twiddle with it and it just works. 'Course it's also an ASUS P2B (pretty stable).


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          Thanks for the quick replies.
          I'm using both COM ports (one for mouse, one for SpaceOrb)
          I'm also using IDE for the DVDROM drive.
          Will be using USB if I find the Act Labs Force RS USB at a decent price instead of having to order directly.

          According to the Abit manual, PCI slot 4&5 share an IRQ and AGP/PCI1 share an IRQ. The implication is that only 4 IRQs can be routed to the AGP and 5 PCI slots! This looks worse than my Asus P2L97 :-P


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            Seeing the above list of Slarti, something sparked my mind:

            If you're using an LS-120 floppydrive (through IDE) you can disable the IRQ used by the floppydrive...

            and if you're using anything like a ZIP or JAZZ drive through the LPT:1 port, then it's very unwise to disable this IRQ#7...



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              Hello here's my irq's:


              mobo: P2L97-S

              Just took a screenshot to show off windows 2k

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                Damn forgot the html tag ;(


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                  tish: What is that nifty program you that the screenshot is of. It looks a bit like the MS Management Console, but not quite.

                  Whatever it is, I'd like to download it.



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                    That there be windows 2000 - Only place to download that would be somewhere like or something similar



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                      Bah, I don't like the colors anyway. I'd steer clear of it


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                        If you're using both COM ports, you can disable the mouse port on IRQ 12. That's an extra freebie.

                        You can also disable whichever IDE channel you aren't using (14 is primary, 15 is secondary, unlike the COM ports which are backwards).

                        Yes, you can in fact only map 4 discrete IRQ's to the AGP+PCI slots on an ABIT board. However, ABIT boards "share" exceptionally well. I had my sound card on the same IRQ as my SCSI card for a month and didn't know it, since there were no problems. Didn't cause any trouble till a driver upgrade caused me to notice it.


                        I used to be a guy named Gurm. I used to have a signature. But that's all gone now. Now, my name is Ash... and I am a slave.


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                          dxr2 decoder ? remove it the g400 looks better, pick up a cheap dvd drive and setup another pc for dvd or sell the card off.

                          just my opinion i could be wrong

                          about time i change this, i spend about 4 hours a day reading the posts on this site and get paid to do it ,now isin't that a great job? oh you want pain how about this halflife works on the nt machine at work but as soon as you patch it to the latest version it dies a horible winblows nt4 death of dll errors.


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                            I do not have an Abit board but I will offer a suggestion.

                            1) Disable Secondary IDE port in bios.

                            2) Install pci video card in slot 1. Manually set to IRQ 11 if it isn't already.

                            3) Install SCSI card in slot 2 and manually set to IRQ 15 in the bios.

                            4) Install sound card in slot 3 and manually set to IRQ 10 if it isn't already.

                            5) Install 3Com NIC in slot 4 and manually set to IRQ 9 if it isn't already.

                            6)Install DXr2 AC3/DVD decoder in slot 5 and it should go to IRQ 5. You will not be able to manually set this slots IRQ.

                            The USB should share with either the NIC or DVD where it shouldn't cause a problem. Depending on your mouse and modem set up, you should still have at least 1 more IRQ left (3, 4 & 12) If you freed up one of them the USB should go there. You should still set the PNP OS to yes in the bios,even though you manually set IRQ's to the slots. Even though Win98 can change IRQ's it usually
                            does not, unless there is a conflict. This is why you get things bunched up on IRQ's, Win98 doesn't see it as being in conflict.

                            Good Luck and happy computing

                            Mike H.

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                              Hi Keynee,
                              I recently got myself a BP6 and as stated in a message above if you have a total SCSI solution you can not only disable the IRQ's for the ATA33 IDE channels, but also the IRQ for the ATA66 Channel