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PowerDesk/QuickDesk causes clock to lose time?!!?!

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  • PowerDesk/QuickDesk causes clock to lose time?!!?!

    WHenever the little Powerdesk/Quickdesk is loaded, my system clock loses time, like 2-4 minutes a day. When it's turned off my clock is much more accurate. ANybody else get the same symptoms?

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    damn those drivers
    System 1:
    AMD 1.4 AYJHA-Y factory unlocked @ 1656 with Thermalright SK6 and 7k Delta fan
    Epox 8K7A
    2x256mb Micron pc-2100 DDR
    an AGP port all warmed up and ready to be stuffed full of Parhelia II+
    SBLIVE 5.1
    Maxtor 40g 7,200 @ ATA-100
    IBM 40GB 7,200 @ ATA-100
    Pinnacle DV Plus firewire
    3Com Hardware Modem
    Teac 20/10/40 burner
    Antec 350w power supply in a Colorcase 303usb Stainless

    New system: Under development


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      I noticed I was losing time, but I didnt link it to the powerdesk.

      Ill have to try this (this is at work, and the auditors are going to get some funny time stamps on the Gerneral Ledger) - 'Hey, why was operator 1004 doing a $100,000.00 refund at 1:30am?'



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        Just to let people know, BokChoy was right.

        Left the machine at work on over the weekend, and closed Quickdesk, and didnt loose any time at all.

        That machine always looses at least 5 minutes a day, so thats quite a difference.



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          I have a similar problem. I installed CounterStrike a few months ago, and ever since, I lose dozens of hours a week.
          Gigabyte P35-DS3L with a Q6600, 2GB Kingston HyperX (after *3* bad pairs of Crucial Ballistix 1066), Galaxy 8800GT 512MB, SB X-Fi, some drives, and a Dell 2005fpw. Running WinXP.