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Installing older drivers?

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  • Installing older drivers?

    I have a G400 MAX and my drivers must be fairly old because I can overcome Macrovision using some of the old hacks.

    When I upgrade Windows in the future, or if I buy a new computer with the latest version of Window, will it automatically upgrade my drivers as well?

    I hope not, but if I do somehow end up with the latest and greatest Matrox drivers, how does one go about installing the old ones? I still have the CD that came with the video card, is it just a matter of reinstalling those? Will it allow you to overwrite a new version with an older one?

    Or is it a case of manually copying DLLs?


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    my windows me does only install the standard vga drivers for my g400, you should always be able to install any drivers you want, so you shouldnt have any problems installing the old matrox drivers, they are probably way better than the windows standard drivers.


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      Hello again.
      There shouldn't B a problem installing the old 1's, as long as they support the upgraded OS.
      U can specify the OS what & were R the drivers U want.
      & if it won't work U just uninstall what you've got & install the oldies.

      Beside U can use other methods 2 bypass the Macrovision stuff & enjoy the benefits of the newer drivers.


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        Dammn Topha you're FAST


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          one of the few things i learnt when i spent a year in america*: typing blindfold, really really quick

          *besides english

          edit: and since i have to get up very early tomorrow, i dont have much to do besides surfing, refreshing the forum, listening to the music and doing other stuff people do on saturday evenings when they cant go out

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            Hey, if U talk 2 us then we probubly @ home 2.

            & i've never been 2 U.S., Only Europe.


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              What other methods can you use to bypass Macrovision?

              The method I'm using is to pause the DVD, then go to the DualHead properties and toggle 'Keep optimal refresh rate where possible'.

              It works, but it's a pain because if you fast forward or jump to a different point in the movie, the Macrovision comes back on and you have to do it again.



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                Hello kriskirk.

                There R a few methods.
                But because our folks at big M & all sort of Macrovision sniffers hang around these forums,
                I can only give U a direction in wich U'll have 2 search the net. these methods R well explained over the web.
                All of these methods have been tested 2 work (this way or the other).

                1. Macrovision protection can't B ripped of the DVD itself but it can B ripped from the H.D.
                2. Older DVD engines don't support Macrovision stuff.
                3. Older VCR's don't use auto gain control.
                4. RF MODULATOR (not a good method).
                5. If U so much in2 DVD recording U should buy/build Macrovision Stripper Device wich is simple & cheap.
                6. U can also bypass the protection in Matrox 6.x drivers , but in order 2 do so U should <u>search very hard</u>, & if U find the method U shouldn't, <u>by any mean</u>, post it on matrox forum.

                Have a nice search.