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  • Older Gx00 image quality

    My mother has a Millenium G100 (4MB) in her computer (Celeron 300, 32 MB). I can't believe how good it looks. My i740 with a decent monitor looks like bull manouver compared to her five-year-old 14" monitor with 1024x768@75Hz max! I can't believe it. Has Matrox always made so great cards, or what?
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    I'd guess so. My girlfriend is using my old Millenium I 4MB with a Samsung 15" monitor and it looks... crisp? Great? Fabulous? All of that and more. Even my system (G400 and same 15" monitor) isn't looking that good. I blame the monitor manufacturer of course


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by villerk:
      ... Has Matrox always made so great cards, or what?</font>
      at least since their very first Millennium ...

      can't tell if they started before, since that old Millennium was the first Matrox cards I ever put my eyes onto.
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        The thing that Matrox has ALWAYS done was provide a higher level of video quality than the competition. That said, it's depressing that I picked up a Radeon 32meg DDR around a month ago because I got tired of waiting for the G800, G550, G1600, or whatever you feel like calling the next generation card from Matrox. And to be honest, the video quality isn't bad at all. It's not as good as my G400 MAX, but it's good enough for games.