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Parhelia Powerdesk/Install Issues

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  • Parhelia Powerdesk/Install Issues


    Well, it's here.

    (1) There is a choice on the install of a Parhelia 128 RAM or a Parhelia AGP. Is there any difference between the two. I have tried both ways and don't see any difference??

    (2) The ASUS BIOS only allows a max of 64 Mb in the AGP Window. Is this going to be a problem?

    (3) Powerdesk issues. I installed the original drivers etc from the CD (after removing the G400MAX drivers), then removed the parhelia drivers and installed the 228 drivers. All of the below happens whether or not I close all background running apps (via End-It-All) or not. Also the .NET framework was installed via Windows Update [not from the CD] on Thursday, so I assume it is the newest version)

    (a) When I click on the Powerdesk button in Display properties, nothing happens on the screen but when you go to XP running processes you see multiple occurances of Pdesknet (some as big as 16Mb), one each for each button click. You can kill these and watch your memory get eaten up as you click on the buttons. Why?

    (b) When I try to run the Powerdesk wizard, when I get to the Video Playback settings, the wizard ends with an "unexpected error message." In fact, the only way I can get to Powerdesk is via the Wizard.

    (c) The Matrox icon does not show up in the system tray regardless of whether I check the box or not (which apparently doesn't remain checked).

    (4) The coloreal icon in the system tray remains there regardless of whether or not I check the "hide" box.

    I think there is somekind of conflict going on because, overall, it "feels" like my PC has gotten slower. But, when looking at device manager, there is nothing that appears to be out of the ordinary. I have also run DXDIAG and everything checks out okay.

    The jury is still out as to the card's actual performance. I am not a FPS junkie, but I did expect the PC to appear a bit snappier due to the upgrade of card, but screen redraws don't really seem any faster and I think I have lost several FPS in FS2002 (the only game I play). I will post more about FS2002 as soon as I can be assured that the card and drivers are installed correctly (which I don't think the drivers are).

    Homebuilt Intel P3 933 Mhz, 512 Mb RAM, ASUS CUSL2-C MB, 400w TruePower Antec PS, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, WD 160 Gb Spec Ed HD, Yamaha 20x10x40 SCSI Rewritable, Toshiba 12x DVD, Parhelia 128 (replaced a G400MAX), Win XP Pro SP1 w/latest patches