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Grand prix Legend runs... not for me...

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  • Grand prix Legend runs... not for me...


    I'm the one who started the "Would you run Grand Prix Legend if..." topic.

    I'm glad to see that Matrox is working on the problem so much so that some people have been playing OGL GPL lately with the latess driver release.

    But I'm sorry to say that I have no such luck! I Installed the game, french, installed the update, then the OGL patch. The game starts, the screen flips to 640x480, then goes black and suddenly quits. I end up on the desktop in 640x480.

    I'm the one who wants it the most and I'm the one who can't play! Ouinnnnnnnnnnn...

    I tryed, hold on... this is gonna hurt, taking the 2 TurboGL file from my Hafl Life directory and, one after the other, renamed them to rastOGL.dll. Well ok... lets press reset because this thing just hung it self BIG time! LOL

    What is HAPPENNING?

    cya all

    Celery 366 OCed @ 446(81), Soyo 6BA+III, 64MB SDRAM, Millennium G400 DualHead (486 cpu fan), SB Live! Value, FBall KA 13.1Gig (7200rpm), Mitsumi CR-4804TE CD-RW, Intel based 21140 10/100 NIC, Nortel Networks HSA1300 1-meg ADSL modem and also a ModemBlaster DI5630... enough!

    Gilles Lalonde
    SysAdmin (.RPM)

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    I too had a problem and downloading the new pd 5.52 as suggested did little to help.
    I then noticed on 3/3 that another file had been posted that held a core.ini file, downloaded, installed and gpl now works on opengl, but with 3 annoying dashed lines running across the sky.
    But, it works fine with a 1028 768 res in open gl,
    the file is :-

    my system
    matrox G400 o/c 120%
    supermicro p6sba @112mhz
    128Mb ram
    western digital 6.4
    PII 350
    logitech marble mouse (brill)


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      Just downloaded the new open gl patch and finally I can again run GP Legends. The video detail is so much better than it was with my G200. I have all options selected and max detail-completely fluid. I love it

      Cel 366 @ 605
      G400 Max slightly overclocked
      192 Meg PC-100
      SB PCI 128



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        Heh... well...

        Problem solved... it was... hehhhhh... well... ok... here... a wetware error... me...

        When you download new drivers... they don't tend to install them selves! I mean it was the last thing I did that day, the next day, thinking I had DL the drivers and installed them. I re-intalled GPL and it was simply not working! Even with the OGL patch.

        Reading Muppet's message made me wander if I had indeed installed the drivers... PowerDesk... Click... HUHO! 5.50... oups!

        nothing to say anymore.

        Thx to all who replied

        *** Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein
        Gilles Lalonde
        SysAdmin (.RPM)


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          Around here, we call that a "Brain fart"

          Core2 Duo E7500 2.93, Asus P5Q Pro Turbo, 4gig 1066 DDR2, 1gig Asus ENGTS250, SB X-Fi Gamer ,WD Caviar Black 1tb, Plextor PX-880SA, Dual Samsung 2494s


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            I'm the one who wants it the most ...hehhe