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  • Advanced Options for UT

    I remember with Unreal you go to options and then advanced options to get to the full list of everything and you can mess around with all the options.

    Is this avaliable in UT becuase I cannot see and Advanced Options button and I am sure a few UT sites have said go to advanced options.

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    get into the game, pull down the console, and type
    That will bring up the advanced menu...
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      hummm... preferences ... this time it needs language editing


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        Whgat was wrong with them having a button theyt had one last time. Oh well simple when you know how.
        Athlon 1Ghz [Arghh]
        Abit KT7A [Arghh] [Arghh]
        512 MB Ram
        Kyro 4500 [Arghh]


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          I've had a bug/cheat in UT 420 lately.. After switching it to window and back, mouse cursor sticks to the center of the screen. Helps aiming a lot with weapons that are not supposed to have reticule in the screen. How to get rid of it?


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            That's a really good question Tronic. I've noticed this too, but unlike you, I didn't even do that minimize restore thing to get the cursor. It just appears there. So far I haven't figured out how to get rid of it either. OTH, it is more visible for me than the standard aiming reticles are, hehe.


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              Well, maybe it gets fixed in next version.

              Everyone playing UT, please check out, and download this:

              It's a really great MOD / Almost TC.

              Hmm.. My friend just got new computer, Thunderbird 700 (now overclocked to 860) and G400 SH 32MB.

              Most of you should know about that z-buffer problem in UT, and if you have played dmZahltag (map), you should know that it gets really bad in that map.

              But do you know what... I played it for several hours on my friend's computer, and got NO Z-BUFFER PROBLEMS AT ALL. That's unfair, I think .

              He's running Win98, PD6.0.010, G400 overclocked to maximum, unknown version of DirectX (I think that it might be whatever was shipped with W98, or 7.0, or 7.1, but not 8.0) ..