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MK5 to PC petition!!!

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  • MK5 to PC petition!!!

    There's a petition for Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance to come for PC.
    Currently, the game is only slated for the consoles.
    Mortal Kombat has been the only fighting game on the PC,
    and if MK5 is only for the console, PC won't have any fighting games left,
    So sign the petition (even if you don't like MK or fighting games,
    sign it!, do it for the fighting fans on PC)

    Sign it here

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    Sometimes unexpected costs occur, so trust OneMain to provide personal loans for home improvement, debt consolidation, car purchases, & more.

    it will be while, but this will be one kick arse fighting game...


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      The original OMF was way cool. As for the MK series, I haven't had fun with them since MK3 or so. Just grab Mame and grab some old roms, and go at it.
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        they also have some cool mpegs

        and I did sign your petition
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          I'd rather see the new Mortal Kombat than the new OMF...
          I'd like to Glide my T-Buffered foor up nVidia's Transformed and Lighted ass...


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            MK sucks but this sounds cool!
            You might be wondering about the differences between Battlegrounds and OMF:2097. There are several. The most significant difference is that Battlegrounds is a full-3D game. What do we mean by "full-3D"? This is a term that makes more sense if you're aware of the history of fighting games. The classic fighting games - Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct - all showed their characters using a two-dimensional "side view". Your movement in the environment was basically restricted to forward and backward. Some later games featured a 3D environment, but with restricted movement - it was like playing a side-view game pretending to be 3D. However, Battlegrounds is different. The camera looks over the shoulder of your robot, and you can run, jump, attack, and move in any direction.

            There's an interesting benefit that comes from a game being full-3D: multiplayer battles. It's easy to have an 8-player brawl, or a 3-on-3 team-based fight. There's nothing like the rush you'll get from fighting off two opponents at once, or delivering a devastating sneak attack to somebody whose attention is directed elsewhere.

            Multiplayer matches present a lot of challenges to programmers, so we had to make a compromise when developing Battlegrounds. Specifically: the "tournament mode" from OMF:2097 will not be in the initial release of Battlegrounds. However, this doesn't mean you can't enter tournaments - this will still be a big part of the game, with servers hosting invitational tournaments with various rules and entry conditions. The main difference is that you won't be able to purchase upgrades for your robot, or train your pilot. Don't fret though - a full-blown, RPG-style tournament mode, surpassing the one in OMF:2097, is a strong candidate for an expansion pack or sequel to Battlegrounds.

            There are other differences between OMF:2097 and OMF:BG, including controls (it's 3D, remember?), fighters, arenas, hazards, and more. The best way to learn everything about Battlegrounds is to read the F.A.Q. and explore the rest of this site.
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              Thanx for replies and signing !!!
              B/W: << this site ain't work !
              or down


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                For people that love MK style games, give Guilty Gear X a go... it's a killer!!! (no fancy 3D graphics but superb Japanese style gameplay and elements in the game).

                The first time when you see the game character 'Faust' do certain special moves, you'll be laughing out loud wetting your pants (guaranteed).

       (unfortunately no PC demo version, but you might be able to 'obtain' it elsewhere ).