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  • surround gaming...?

    OK, i think i may just be an idiot for asking this, but is there anything special i need to do to enable surround gaming? I got my parhelia today (!) and i just spent sometime looking for two more monitors and power plugs and such and set it all up. The reef demo looks spectacular on all 3 monitors, but quake3 doesnt work? It only uses one monitor... do i need the lates q3 patch? or enable something in some config for it to work? any help would be appreciated Mungu needs to get to some surround!

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    You need to do a bit of tinkering...

    How to configure Surroung Gaming for Quake 3 Arena:

    1) Go to Quake 3 directory
    2) Go to \baseq3 subdirectory
    3) Edit file 'q3config.cfg' (use Wordpad)
    4) Find line 'seta r_customwidth', set to "2400"
    5) Find line 'seta r_customheight', set to "600"
    6) Find the line 'seta r_mode' set to "-1"
    7) Find line 'seta cg_fov', set to "143" - if this line is not present, add 'seta cg_fov "143"' to the end of the file.
    8) Edit registry
    9) Find line \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv ices\MTXPARH\Device0
    10) Add binary key named 'OGL.TripleHead' - set to '01 00 00 00'
    11) Run game (HUD should now be only displaying on central screen).

    Note: Do not change resolution in-game, or these changes will have to be repeated.


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      Thanks Ant!

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        Check out this article on Surround Gaming on GamePC website.

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