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  • FAQs?

    How do you want to create the Seti@Murc FAQs for my page? Shall me and Guru etc just create some pages between us or do any of you's want to suggest stuff in here?

    We'd obviously like suggestions anyway - stuff like Unix guides have been hard to construct but an FAQ should be reasonable, yea?

    My suggestions for example:
    How do I cache units in Unix?
    What version should I use?
    What should I put in my kernel for Seti performance?
    Can I put Seti in my kernel !

    And do you think we should split Guru's guide into separate Windows and BIOS sections - or even into each individual tip? I think his guide could be quickly converted into a FAQ (How do I speed up disk writes? etc) but are FAQs a good option or is a long guide better for reading through?

    I'm also working on creating index pages for each section (the article index is up) and pages better for printing. I like PDF or simple HTML pages but what format do you's think would be best for stuff like my GUI intro guide or Martin's Linux guide?



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