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PowerDesk 5.21 bug: PixelTOUCH resets monitor every time!

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  • PowerDesk 5.21 bug: PixelTOUCH resets monitor every time!

    I used to use PowerDesk 4.x with my trusty old Matrox Millennium (I). When I upgraded to PowerDesk 5.13 for my new G400, one of the things I really liked about the new driver was a great improvement in the "PixelTOUCH" feature. With PowerDesk 4.x, my monitor would lose sync and go blank for about one second every time I changed the zoom level. With PowerDesk 5.13, zooming was now literally instantaneous, bringing the perceived responsiveness to a whole new level, especially when doing heavy image editing (something I do a lot).

    Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the new PowerDesk 5.21 breaks this new feature, causing the monitor to once again lose sync and go blank every single time I change zoom levels! Now that I've gotten used to the instant response of 5.13, it's driving me crazy!

    I've since discovered, however, that the feature isn't always broken under 5.21. Specifically, it will work the way it should if, and only if:

    a. I'm currently using DualHead Clone; or

    b. I'm currently using DualHead Zoom.

    As long as Clone or Zoom is enabled and in use, PixelTOUCH works beautifully. However, the very instant I, say, switch off Zoom (using the assigned hotkey), PixelTOUCH once again reverts to the "broken" behavior.

    So the current workaround is to make sure that I've always got Zoom activated, even when I'm not actually using it. (Simply turning on Clone is not an option for me, as I'm running at 1792x1344, which Clone doesn't support.) It's pretty annoying to have to remember to press the Zoom hotkey (and then define a "dummy" zoom region) every time I boot up or return to the Desktop from a game.

    Matrox, if you're listening, is there going to be a fix for this? I for one would be extremely grateful!

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    Two days, and no responses at all so far. Anyone? Haig?

    Or is this the wrong place for me to have posted this? The Matrox Hardware forum seems much higher-volume. Should I repost there?


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      We are aware of this problem and it's already been fixed. It should work as expected in the 5.3x release.

      Sorry for the delay!



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        Thank you for your response, Phoenix! I'm very happy to know that the problem has been fixed in the upcoming release of the driver.

        BTW, I have some other PowerDesk bugs to report. Should I just post them here, or would it be better to e-mail Matrox tech support directly?



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          e-mailing tech support is your best bet, but it doesn't hurt to post it here too!



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            Hey, PixelTOUCH is still broken in 5.25.019! What a bummer. What gives?


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              The fix is in 5.3x - AFAIK, it is not, and will not be, in the 5.2x drivers.



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                Thanks again for responding, Phoenix. Much appreciated.

                Any word on when 5.3x might be released?


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                  Frankly, I've no idea - there are too many factors involved



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                    Fixed! Woohoo!