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Some morons will sign anything

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  • Some morons will sign anything

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    I most sincerely hope that this is a joke, otherwise we had all better start praying...

    "...and in the next instant he was one of the deadest men that ever lived." – Mark Twain


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      i thinki we should petition that petition.
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        I love the disclamer that PetitionOnline added to it... can't say that i've seen them do that before..
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          This was no doubt one they couldn't pass up

          What a maroon....

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          Dr. Mordrid
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            I loved this one..

            Hi I'm a stupid lazy person who doesn't do any amount of research into things I choose to condemn and I think it is utterly reprehensible to call the sequel the Two Towers! I mean, whats the third installnet going to be called?? Something inflamatory like....ohh..."Return of the King" in OBVIOUS mocking reference to Jesus Christ and my christian beliefs!?


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              I guess we need to start a petition to have all movies that were made in NY prior to 9/11 destroy. They may show the WTC and that may cause some bad feels for someone.

              Libertarian is still the way to go if we truly want a real change.



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                I saw that petition a while ago, amazing that people can be that stupid.
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                  Pah what Morons. I suppose they'll want the 2nd book renaming as well.
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                    Good thing PetionsOnline closed the Petition. That was hilarious.

                    “Inside every sane person there’s a madman struggling to get out”
                    –The Light Fantastic, Terry Pratchett


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                      Actually, I find the whole concept of changing ANY movies reprehensible. Shame on Sam Raimi for removing the twin towers from Spider Man - that was a GREAT scene...

                      This whole "post 9/11 disorder" that shrinks are treating people for is BULL... SHIT.

                      If you lost a loved one, or were THERE... then I feel for you and certainly I don't want to be insensitive. But we haven't stopped making WW2 movies just because 6 MILLION of my relatives were killed, now have we?

                      - Gurm
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                        his petition has been suspended temporarily due to a lack of maintenance by the petition author.
                        Titanium is the new bling!
                        (you heard from me first!)


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                          The one that started this petition is just a retard.
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                            Hey! I have a great idea! If we remove all reference to it, (I.E. Vietnam), it will not have happened!!

                            Give me a frickin break...
                            "I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned."


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                              byock: great idea it will be just like in 1984
                              no matrox, no matroxusers.