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Those complex words…..

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  • Those complex words…..

    The phone rings…..
    Me “Datastudion, Mathias speaking”
    Customer “Do you sell used hard drives?”
    M “Yes, we have some, how large capacity do you want?”
    C “About 166mhz”
    (at this point I’m feeling a strong urge to kick the ID10T who writes manuals and computer books.)

    The rest of the conversation was about 3-4 pages looooong
    But His kid seemed to have changed from 115 to 230 and caused the PSU to blow skyhigh
    I eventually made him realise that it might be cheaper to just get the psu replaced instead of buying another computer….

    You can never ever be really sure of what people are talking about
    If there's artificial intelligence, there's bound to be some artificial stupidity.

    Jeremy Clarkson "806 brake horsepower..and that on that limp wrist faerie liquid the Americans call petrol, if you run it on the more explosive jungle juice we have in Europe you'd be getting 850 brake horsepower..."