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I hate when threads are deleted and just disappear.

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    MURC is not a place where joe public can walk in and spew away. Sure, lively discussion is fine, but it almost never is fine. You can try to phrase the term "soap box" all you want, but it means a certain thing at MURC and it is now obvious that it doesn't mean "let's talk about anything we want".
    Perhaps those who like to debate such lively, active and sometimes even midly hostile foreign policy debates acceptable, should go to another forum where they can debate until it hurts.

    Quit throwing around the word "freedom" like it's a red-headed step child. This is EXACTLY what i am talking about, you try to sound civil in your post and then you have to throw in a little jab in the end. Gee, I wonder why these threads get started.

    Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


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      You are all a bunch of British Hobbiests!
      The Welsh support two teams when it comes to rugby. Wales of course, and anyone else playing England


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        How do you define "fine"? Bland with no clashing of ideas? Sounds rather glum to me.

        What's wrong about my tea party? It was intended to show how silly a discussion area is without discussion. Note the reference to "sugar free"....a metaphor referencing a place with little or no intellectual flavor allowed.

        I hear things 100x worse than this place on CNN, CSPAN, the UK's parlaiment and Congress every day.

        Dr. Mordrid
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        Dr. Mordrid
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