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nVidia going to buy Matrox??

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  • nVidia going to buy Matrox??
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    matrox is a private company, if they aren't selling, nvidia can't buy.

    And that article does not take into account matrox's real core business...which is not video cards

    But they could try to "buy" some more of its engineers, if they have any left.


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      Unless Matrox is willing to sell, no one can "aquire" nothing!!

      We'll see what happens


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        I hope it will never happend. Maybe Nvidia got better 3D but all other things are much worse, & people know that. & Matrox know that too
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          GeForce with Matrox IQ and dual head.... mmmm


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            Originally posted by Chrono_Wanderer
            from NV's perspective it make sense for them wanting to enter the HD editing market to be more competitive with ATI. And from Matrox perspective having 3D video effects offload to a modern GPU is beneficial.

            Have you heard of AXIO LE?

            Matrox already off loads the 3D DVE's to the GPU of your graphic card be it Nvidia or ATI.



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              As long as someone still makes graphics cards for TripleHead / Surround Gaming, I don't really mind, but I do hope that Matrox will survive on its own. IMO, Matrox still has the best stability, 2D image quality, multi-display functionality and technical support..


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                Originally posted by Nicram
                ... Maybe Nvidia got better 3D but all other things are much worse...
                Actually... looking at Quadro FX 4500 SDI makes me wonder, are they? Couple of years ago a would agree, but now... I mean, just look at this beast.

                * 512MB of GDDR3 memory for 33.6GB/sec of memory bandwidth
                * 32-bit IEEE floating-point precision per color channel (128-bit RGBA)
                * 12-bit sub-pixel sampling precision
                * Nvidia PureVideo technology (SD/HD video processing engine)
                * Dual Link DVI-I output for up to 3840x2400@24Hz display
                * 2 x SDI for real-time 12-bit uncompressed SD/HD video outputs up to 2K !!!
                * GenLock/FrameLock
                * OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 9.0 support
                * PCI Express x16 interface
                * SLI support !!!

                It pulls 181 million triangles per second and 10.8 billion texels per second! And all that with support for SLI operation (can you imagine ) and high quality Windows and Linux drivers!!! It's a wet dream for everyone involved in digital content creation of any kind. Matrox hasn't anything that even comes close! Their best card looks pathetic comparing to this.

                Parhelia - high quality video broadcast card with good 3D performance for FX effects. Yeah, my ass! Once they stood proudly in this segment, but now... Quadro is in all major DCC/production turnkey systems and platforms by Discreet, da vinci, Iridas, Nucoda...

                Those "external graphics" and "graphics to Go" things just resamble to darn much to "head casting" ball sh*t! I mean, come oooon... would someone put them out of their misery.