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    How to get on #murc and navigate your way around

    Click on the chat button at the top of the page and see you there

    and after you get tired of the java client ....

    You need an IRC client.

    There are many available but the most common for windows OS is mIRC which you can download from

    Setting up your client

    After installing mIRC the first time you launch it it will prompt you with the options setup. Under connect you have to set up your Name nick etc.
    For full name and email address you can put in your real details or made up ones
    (my current listing is Biteme and respectively)
    The important bit is choosing you Nickname and Alternative nick.
    So for me my nick is Sasq and the alternative is Sasq_

    Now the tricky bit, as we are running our own server now - Dalnet being somewhat difficult of late - you need to set up the server info in mIRC
    still in the mIRC options on the main connect page, you can select your server, for here you need to click Add and add these details in
    IRC Server:
    Port(s): 6667

    leave the group field and the password field blank, then save it.
    choose as your server in the main connection field.

    If you have a firewall that requires you to use socks or a proxy set up you details under the firewall section (If you run a NAT firewall you can probably leave this alone)

    Next in the DCC section (Direct connection) check that the settings are set to ‘Show get dialog’ and ‘Show chat dialog’ - this is so you do not auto receive files, there are sill a few script kiddies/trolls who like to try to infect your pc

    Press the connect button.
    If the client has trouble connecting, type /server If you still have trouble check in the troubleshooting section of this faq and failing that PM me.
    mIRC will pop up a join channel window. Type #murc in and press the join button.
    -Personally I don’t use this and clear the pop up on connect check box
    Alternatively you can type /join #murc in the server window and that will connect you to #murc

    If in the server window you get a message that looks like this
    NickServ] : This nick is owned by
    someone else. Please choose another.

    It means that either you need to supply your password (covered later)
    Or someone owns that nick.
    Type /nick nickofyourchoice to change your nick.

    Congratulations your in

    Lots of information about nickserv and chanserv can be found by typeing /nickserv help commands or /chanserv help commands

    Quick into on how to register your nick on

    After you are happy with your nick you can register it so its yours.
    Simply type /nickserv register (password)
    Eg: /nickserv register fubar
    Wait for the email and follow the instructions.
    After you complete the registraion to set your nick so it requires your password when you log on type /nickserv set enforce on

    Next time you log onto type /nickserv identify (password) - you should do this anyway even if you do not set enforce on, because if you don’t identify after 30 days your nick is de-registered. Also your nick needs to be set to the one you registered.

    Congratulations all done

    Making your life easier

    Now that you have your nick registered and you have maybe found a few channel that you always join like #murc you can set mIRC (or what ever client you use) to automatically identify and join channels.

    In mIRC open your options tab and select IRC/Perform, check the On connect box and simply type in the /join #???? And /nickserv identify commands into the box and click ok. Next time you connect it will do it all for you.

    Some usefull IRC commands are:
    /query username which will open a private chat window where you can talk to the person who's username you've entered. Rightclicking on the username in mIRC will give you access to the same option as well
    /notice username message will show a message in the channel which is only visible to the username you've entered


    If you connect and see messages like, no more connections in this class etc, don’t worry the server is just full, let it cycle to another server (and yes we have a couple) and you should be fine.

    If you see a message about ‘kline’ it means someone with your IP and/or user details has been banned from that server, try a few different servers and if you have the same problem, try changing your user info.
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    Ok, now that you have gotten used to irc..
    some useful command line codes.

    /whois nick - a status line on who it is your talking to/being anoyed by.

    /dns nick - the ip of the nick

    /quit (your optional messege here without the brackets) - logs you off the server and leaves that as a quit msg

    /part #channelname (same as above optional)

    /me kicks murc bot - will look like *Sasq kicks murc bot

    /msg nick insert message here - will send that message privately to the nick - (its much eaiser to double click the nicks name and open a query window though)

    /ignore nick - obvious meaning and useful when you get an ad bot that just won't go away - sometimes their worse than doubleclick

    There are a lot more so I suggest you read through your help file for all of the / codes. But these are the ones used the most.

    Who's online in IRC and the forum

    Ok, as you know we can now see who is online in irc on the main index page of the forum.

    There are a couple of extra commands to make to help you use this function.

    Just a bit about it first, the script tries to find if you have a handle on the bot first, if you don't it uses your nick and then your user name to try to work out who you are.

    As such, if you nick doesn't perfectly match you user name in the forum, it will either not find you, or miss guess.

    Also if your user setting is invisible in the forum, it will also not display your online status in the irc online box.

    The commands are:

    1) by placeing a '_' at the end of your nick, the script will not display your nick in the online box. eg 'Sasq' and 'Sas_q' will be displayed but 'Santa_' will not.

    2) by placeing [on] at the end of your nick will override the invisible setting in you user cp - but only for irc not the main forum. eg 'Santa[on]'

    3) by placeing [me] at the end of your nick, will override the automatch function and display that nick as being online. eg 'Santa[me]'

    Have fun and see you in #murc
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    Juu nin to iro

    English doesn't borrow from other languages. It follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes through their pockets for loose grammar.