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    We went to theatre last week, the play Noises Off.

    Great comedy, if you have a chance, go see it.

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    The last play I saw was McBeth a couple of years ago. I love (live) theatre but have been very busy past few years.

    I also know many Slovenian and one American actor personally and love watching them on stage.


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      I haven't been to the cinema for years now even. Looking forward to see The Cairo Conspiracy though.
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        We saw the live action Little Mermaid by Disney. Halle Bailey plays Ariel, helluva voice and she did her own swimming. I think the guy playing Prince Eric was miscast, looked a bit old for the 18-year-old Eric and not quite enough chemistry. Melissa McCarthy as Ursula wasn't so hot. The cinematography was fabulous, and they added a couple of new songs. I see it's getting about a 95% from attendees on Rotten Tomatoes.

        One sad thing is because of Halle Bailey being black it's getting a lot of troll reviews online. Not just the US but Canada, Europe & China.

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