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Pi4 Stuff. Watercooling, Aircooling and Benchmarks, if possible :)

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  • Pi4 Stuff. Watercooling, Aircooling and Benchmarks, if possible :)

    Sooo, looking a lot like the AM4 mATX thread.

    I got a Pi4 2GB, thought i killed it, turned out i just bent a pin or two in the microHDMI to HDMI adapter.

    Got a second Pi4, with a few cables and heatsinks, microHDMI to HDMI cables.

    First one is running Kodi fine, for local playback, with a large heatsink and a 5V Noctua 40mm fan.
    It also has a HifiBerry Dac+ HAT, which is really good for sound output to my amp.

    BUT, i now have a second Pi4 2GB, that I can use for RetroPie testing, and other benchmarks.
    I got some MCX One waterblocks on sale,

    Then I had to get a pump, and i found this

    ~88€ delivered with tax and 24€ delivery.
    You wonder why its so expensive until you open the box and see how F-ing small it is.
    Its about an inch MAX full length.
    10g weight ? 1-3V 1.2W.

    I also got a 2x60mm rad, 45mm thick, as a sort of passive cooler, reservoir.
    If it all goes fine, I might add another pi4 or more Pi's into the loop.
    I bought a few MCX One's

    and the breakoutboxes for 5 concurrent cooling boards,but on a normal pump.
    Permet d'alimenter jusqu'à 5 waterblocks NexXxoS MXC-One. Les 2 filetages aux extrémités permettent de connecter n'importe quel embout 1/4. C ...

    The M100 pump is good for about a coke can a minute as far as I can tell (180-430mL/min).
    We'll see soon enough.

    On another side, i bought two Odroid N2's (4GB), about a day or so before the Pi4's came out.
    Was a bit pissed to say the least.
    They have SPI boot as a bonus. One has replaced my Pine64 2Gb as a Linux machine pretty well.
    With 16GB Emmc.

    But less talk of Odroid's, and more Pie

    Long story short,the Pi4's need good cooling.
    Lets see where watercooling takes us
    To the Xtreeeeeeeme
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