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  • Digital Image Forum: Image Uploads

    If you don't have your own webspace you can upload your files using the link below, save on filling up the MURC's database.

    Vist the page, upload your file and then just link to it. Filesize limit is currently 4mb as that is the default for the rest of my site. Once you guys decide on a limit for the forum let me know and I will impose a filesize and image size limit.

    When the page starts to get a bit heavy I will move the listed files to a second page but for now they are ok listed underneath the upload form.
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    Until I have time to alter the Jscript to give you a nice little button.

    The vB code for thumbnails is...

    [ thumb=url to full image ]fullurltothumbnail[ /thumb ]

    without the spaces

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