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  • new matrox video card

    They still Live!

    9 outputs, should be good for a very large game of tic tac toe

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    I wonder what fps one would get for Doom 3!
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      Multi display cards are still not that many and expensive even on the low side.
      Recently one guy was complaining at work that his picture is flickering occasionally so I ordered a basic dual link DVI passive card (we're ordering 27" displays at work at the moment and have many 24"). I ordered Radeon HD 5450 It was 20 EUR more expensive vs same card with HDMI + single link DVI. I wanted dual link DVI in case one of larger monitors gets passed to this PC and single link DVI has limit at ~FHD.

      Then I ordered 2 new 27" Dell U2715H (no DVI, only HDMI and DP) monitors and for one business PC with VGA only I needed a video card to drive it. Innexpensive passive display port card doesn't exist (plainly to order from shops where I have accounts - I didn't want to order special card from abroad because it would take a week and several steps with accounting...). I only found HP branded Geforce 730 with display port and dual link DVI for 91€ but I read fan was loud so I ordered another passive Radeon HD 5450 and will use HDMI to drive the monitor.

      I don't think apart from Matrox you can buy dual display port fanless videocard and even single DP fanless cards are rare and not cheap (for basic business monitor drivers).
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        I just realised that they are using AMD gpu for their cards - guess Parhelia series was their last own gpu?
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