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Lockups with Hauppauge WinTV-GO2

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  • Lockups with Hauppauge WinTV-GO2


    (hope that's the right place for asking or would Desktop Video be better???)

    does anyone have/use the Hauppauge WinTV GO2 (the url is for wintv-go, as it is in english language. Here's the link for the GO2 , but only in german language).

    I installed the card and the software. Everything went ok and i was able to watch the different channels. Unfortunately after a reboot of the system the computer locked up. Windows loads completely, but i'm not able to move the mouse or use the keyboard for navigation.

    Hauppauge's solution on their website is to move the card to another pci-slot. So i de-installed all the software, moved the card to another slot, installed the software and drivers again (this time the newest driver from their website). Again it worked after installation, but lockup'ed after a reboot.

    Does anyone have some suggestions for me?

    The hard/software i use:
    Win2K Pro, SP4
    Matrox P750
    Asus A7V333

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    try updating your motherboard bios and the VIA chipset drivers (Hyperion).

    If that doesn't help, then as a last resort effort, try installing windows without IO-APIC and ACPI support ('Standard PC HAL', selectable if you press F5 when Windows setup tells you to press F6 for additional drivers). I've heard VIA chipsets can be problematic with either (or at least IO-APIC) in some situations.


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      Thx for the tips. Updated the motherboard bios to the latest version and installed the 4.51 Hyperion drivers (the newest 4.53 drivers weren't downloadable, too much load on the servers yesterday) and installed the card again. Result was the same lockup as before.

      Any other ideas? Would like to reserve the Windows-ReInstall as a last option.

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        check if the card has its own IRQ (or at least, not shared with another AGP/PCI card).