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    If this is in the wrong forum (I dunno, maybe Desktop Video is a better one), please move it where I may get better help. Or maybe suggest where I may be able to get better help.

    Anyway, my brothers got himself a LCD TV 30PF9975, and a VCR/DVD DR-MV1S (or 1B I'm not 100% sure) combo. The problem is when I attempt to utilise the DVD via progressive scan mode (through component video), there are occasional flickers across the screen. Also, turning on subtitles for the DVD is a screen killer. Usually it won't accept the signal at all, or when it does, it completely tears the bottom half of the screen (distorting it wildly).

    Any Star Wars DVD (from the recent release collection), once it reaches the main menu, the lower bottom half of the screen will distort (screen tear). And the subtitles during the film have white noise bars over them. So I'm gathering it's not really the DVD's fault here.

    Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Or what could be going wrong? Or any possible things I should look at?

    Note, that this is for Progressive Scan output mode only, from the DVD to the TV. All the other modes are fine.


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    If you look up at the top of the general hardware/software forum, there is the HTPC and HIFI forum. That is the best place to post

    Sorry, can't help you out with your problem. I've never heard of or seen that before.
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      All I can say is that my Sony LCD TV doesn't show anything when I set progressive scan output on the DVD player.


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        is the tv set to 'natural' mode? is the dvd player set to 16:9 aspect ratio? why did he buy a DVD/VCR combo? thread moved to hptc/hifi foum.
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          Hmmm, didn't know there was a "natural" mode... All I see is there is 4:3, Widescreen, and 16:9 when the component video channel is used (YPbP). I'll have a look later (I'm back home now).

          The DVD player is set to 16:9 aspect ratio. And the output is set to component too.

          He bought the combo because, well, he chose to. Well, actually, I think it's because he's buying it for his new place in London, and it's a modern 2 bedroom flat. And trying to save space.

          :: edit, sorry that's YPbPr, and not YbPbBr! ::

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            I'm not a fan of DVD/VCR combo's, and not because I'm an audiophile nutjob. My father-in-law got one and it was a pain in the arse to get working right and was more inconvenient to use that having two seperate devices. That and most DVD/VCR combo's skimp on the electronics by sharing circuitry and not doing a good job of it.

            If it were up to me I'd return the combo for a good DVD recorder job from Panasonic, Toshiba or Sony and a decent VCR (his VCR library will degrade anyway).

            Just my opinion though.

            HDTV's have several different "modes" that you can use. Like a "stretch" mode to make 4:3 material look 16:9, albeit stretched looking. And various widescreen modes, etc. "Natural," or that TVs equivelant, will show the exact image recieved without altering it. So 4:3 material will have gray/black bars to either side, like a vertical letterbox, when in this mode. And 16:9 material will show up almost full screen (each film has it's own aspect ratio that rarely matches up with true 16:9, so even with progressive playback on a widescreen TV, you will still have some letterboxing).

            Now if the TV is set to Natural, and the DVD is set to 16:9 progressive, and you're still having problems, either one of two things is more than likely occuring. 1) (less likely) there's a cable problem. 2) The DVD and TV aren't talking to each other correctly, and my guess would be the DVD/VCR combo to be the culprit.

            If you have any mates with a DVD player w/ progressive, bring it over and plug it in. That will give a pretty good indication as to what the culprit truly is.

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            “Inside every sane person there’s a madman struggling to get out”
            –The Light Fantastic, Terry Pratchett


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              Sounds like a plan. Will keep posted. (Especially if it still remains buggered... )