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We just passed us?!

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  • We just passed us?!

    Jeepman does DOWN!

    Just uploaded our 2,718th unit and see that the guy who liked position 69 has only got 2712! And it was your units that put us past yourself Jeepman!


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    I don't know what to say... congrats ???

    It's sort of like shooting yourself in the foot isn't it?



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      Well I just got a prototype 8-way P4 system to test. I will put all the work units I get with this system back under the jeepman account.

      It is a secret project by a tier one server company that I can't name. Since the P4 is not MP capable, they have had to make a custom 8 way bridge using modified Intel BX devel boards from Intel to handle the communication at 100MHz FSB.

      Right now we are running 8 copies of Win 3.11 with 8MB RAM available to each instance, so all I need to do is find the Win 3.1 based copy...

      [This message has been edited by jeepman (edited 14 December 2000).]
      Tyan Thunder K7, 768MB Registered DDR ECC, 2xMP2200+, Radeon 9700 Pro, Adaptec 2940U2B Ultra2 SCSI, TB Santa Cruz, Pyro 1394DV. RAID 0 stripe set on hacked Promise UltraTX2 with dual WD 120MB SE drives. HP DVD200i DVD+RW drive.


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        LOL, running Win 3.1 on a P4!