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Overclocking with BIOS

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  • Overclocking with BIOS

    Somewhere before the forum change there was a topic about overclocking using bios.
    Can some tell me how, or point the the topic?
    I am getting a new vidcard, so since i have nothing to lose, i try this...

    And if i have overclocked me G400 with G400Max settings (150/200) How do i get windows to reconize it as a G400Max?.

    Now i hope someone reads this, MGA tools looks so abandoned
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    Heres the link to the page that changes your DualHead to MAX. But I think the RAMDAC also will run at 360 instead of the regular 300, so you might want to remember this when changing the PINS file. Anyway here it is

    1.8GHz PIV (Northwood) @ 2.5GHz
    512MB Corsair PC2700 @ 2-2-2 1T
    MSI 845PE FISR
    8.4GB Quantum CR
    40GB Maxtor 5400
    MSI 40X12X48
    Coolerguys Windtunnel IV
    SB Audigy
    Parhelia (210/600)
    19" Dell P991
    Intel Gigabit Network


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      Thank you very much, but i have seen a page(not on matroxusers) that was explaning the pins meaning and a explanation of how to set you own setting in bios.

      Could someone help we with that?

      Thanks in advance...
      I do not know, do you?


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        MatroX Files
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          so how can ik change the pins i cant find them are they in the bios files ???
          specs p4 2.8@3.2Ghz Giga byte xnpbla bla 2x80GbHD Raid 0 creative audigy iiyama vision master 502 (21inch) a logitech mx700
          video is ati 9700pro modded to 9800 speeds volt mod ect ect