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Bad start to the day.

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  • Bad start to the day.

    1) Batteries flat in the car doesn't like the cold -5 23f when I try it. Funnily enougth the engine compartment where the battery is covered in frost as well.
    2) Decide the measure the voltage just to see how far it's sinking.
    3) Meter is buggered as well.
    4) Need to change the light buld in the kitchen take the chair in catch the kitchen table Kettle all over the floor one wet carpet.
    5) Need to relocate my Weather thermometer as there a little to close to the house and reading a little high. Can't find a suitable post and can't look elsewhere as my car is buggered and I don't have time to go walking to another shop.
    6) The chess computer has just discovered what I'm up to.

    The good things
    1) Battery charger is working.
    2) Found the bits for the Vax so I can shampoo the carpet.
    3) Memory swaps and upgrade worked.
    Chief Lemon Buyer no more Linux sucks but not as much
    Weather nut and sad git.

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