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    I'm not giving up fulltime here or elsewhere for sidegigs until the steady income is at least 60-80% of salary.

    Steps are already being taken on the job search front. The catch with moving is that if things don't work out you need to take couple of 1000 EUR hit. But I spoke to a friend who moved. First he took airbnb, then worked out a room. Now he lives in Wohngemeinschaft. So it can be done safely - you move gradually without taking on many fixed costs. I would have to give up some things. During last move I already purged some stuff and sold many computer and car parts.

    The main issue is the period between when shit starts and resolution. Things being shit in company really affects well being and ability to search for new job and study. I've gone through this 2 years ago and I managed to part ways without sending anyone to hell, still on good terms with most everyone at previous company. So I also know this is doable but life can suck for a few months.

    I also haven't switched to peace economy yet since the start of covid early 2020. Almost no toys, no vacations, still driving 14y old car worth less than my emergency fund, 3 weeks of leave spent on freelance gigs. So financially I'm not in a bad shape.
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