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  • Qubes

    Has anyone tried Qubes?

    Qubes is a security-oriented, free and open-source operating system for personal computers that allows you to securely compartmentalize your digital life.

    It seems to run different environments in separate virtual units, allowing full separation for security purposes...
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    Depends what the use case would be.

    I feel secure with Linux although the my setup is not like the next level shi# we're doing at work: Internal repos, no Internet access to servers, all servers get CIS hardening 2FA everywhere, servers only accessed by jumpbox which is behind VPN and has no Internet access.

    With hypervisor performance would have been subpar. If I needed that security level I'd probably run tails iso in VM.

    For Windows I feel like no internet access and no read-write on archives for my Windows account is the way to go.
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      No use case, no plan to use it, just curiosity. It seems an interesting approach to run Xen as a platform for isolating programs on the machine. But it also seems like the hell of mess to keep everything updated. So just curious
      Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow. (James Dean)


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        Yeah, I tried it a few years back.
        Played with it on a laptop at work for a while, just to try and get my head around it.

        Have been meaning to have another look at it now, as it supports many more Linux Distros now.
        Win7 was the Windows OS of choice back when I tried it last lol
        iirc it only had Fedora as the Linux distro back then.

        As far as I can tell, each OS keeps itself upto date, as it would usually.
        You just have "Windows" on your "desktop" which are from different OS's.
        You can have a colour attributed to the OS, so Blue for Windows, Red for Red Hat, etc...
        Your desktop can have a Windows on the Windows OS with Outlook, and Office, and another Windows with a linux command line, and another with a different Linux OS, with a browser.

        Multiple OS's, one Desktop.
        The Windows don't have access to each others Data.

        The OS's stay separate.

        Thats the way it was back then, it was specifically to keep stuff separate, and to allow people to do stuff without jumping between VMs or rebooting into another OS.
        You're basically showing the Windows:apps you want, from the VM that you want, at the same time, on the same desktop.

        Takes a lot of Memory to do right, they recommended 32GB back then even i think, so you don't run out of memory for each VM.
        The more the VMs, the more memory you're going to need

        Seemed interesting at the time, but I just have no usage for it, we're mostly stuck on Windows at work, ironically for security reasons
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          Very interesting concept, but now when the world is moving into thinner and thinner execution units (dockers, run as code, etc.) having full blown virtual machines is very costly, as Evildead666 pointed out.
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            At work we went from Linux > 2 containers to Linux > ZFS deduplication > VM > 2 containers inside VM with no memory upgrade from 32GB.

            3 great sysadmins told boss this won't work but he overruled us. We already had two Out Of Memory kills on test system (deployed at one client production site). I'm looking forward to sh!tstorm when this is rolled out everywhere and casually saying yes when recruiters contact me.
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              Interesting OS . Good YT description here Think I'll give it a miss though.