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Widescreen resolutions for onboard G200 ??

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  • Widescreen resolutions for onboard G200 ??


    I have bought a brand new HP Proliant server, which has onboard Matrox G200 graphics. I was surprised about this.

    While the server is headless, I would still like it connected to my TV for certain things. I would also like to dual boot it into a HTPC.

    For that, I'll get a discrete graphics card in time, but for now, I would like to use the G200 with my widescreen LCD TV.

    Are there are any drivers that allow the G200 to display widescreen resolutions? Maybe there is not enough graphics memory?


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    Ow! The G200 is prehistoric, at least 12 years old in its conception. As it's on-board, it probably has zero dedicated memory but can take what it needs from the RAM, via the CPU. This is inherently clumsy, slow and cheap. I'd be surprised if you can do video apps with it, especially as the GPU is not likely to be fast.
    Brian (the devil incarnate)


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      Matrox tweak utilty should be able to set up custom resolution, it should be available on matrox web site.