Videosharing site Vimeo (also Vimeo HD has organized old & new video editing tutorials into a new page.

From shooting at night to making a video on your phone, learn how to make better videos with tips from the Vimeo team and industry leaders.

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Aspiring Eisensteins can also search different categories--Editing, Gear, and Do-It-Yourself among them--to find Vimeo-created "lessons" and user-produced "tutorials" on their chosen area of interest. And the lessons include "challenges," which invite students to create clips with their newfound knowledge and post them to get feedback from others in the Vimeo crowd.

"Vimeo has an amazing community of members who enjoy sharing their knowledge to help each other reach the next level, whatever that level might be," Vimeo General Manager Dae Mellencamp said in a statement. "With Vimeo Video School we have created a structured extension of what our community members have done for one another for years: teach and share best practices."