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    OK, I'm set on the mic (RØDE Videomic Pro) and Camera (Olympus OMD EM1 II work issued, Canon 80D will buy privately, already ebayed 17-55 2.8 EF-S lens) but now I need to do some edits.

    The Premiere Pro CS 6 that I faintly know and did some edits before won't import videos from Olympus 1080p 25. From brief googling it has something to do with variable bit rate. (header error)

    I quickly downloaded Openshot which was able to import footage and so far I'm only publishing unedited shots. I'll try editing once I get from fair next week. But mid to long term I'll need some solution. At work I'll probably ask to buy some software but I think subscription for Adobe CS won't go through. I also don't like subscription privately as video privately would be a hobby which I might do sometimes but then not for a month or two.

    So paid is OK (few 100€) as long as it's not astronomic. I'd like to edit 1080p or 4k and publish to Youtube. I have Thinkpad T540p with 1TB SSD. At work I can repurpose old NAS and for home I have half the parts (need drives and PSU) for home NAS. I'm not planning to purchase a Mac unless it's otherworldly better than a PC but Mac laptops kinda suck and Mac Mini and Mac Pro ditto.

    What do you guys recommend?
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    anyone can tell anything about pros and cons of:
    DaVinci Resolve
    Corel Videostudio


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      I installed DaVinci resolve (free, pay version only differs by having collaborative tools) and bought the book. 14.2 didn't output audio properly when rendering for youtube but was resolved in 14.3. Going through first lessons from the book seems like a good video editing app with many features, definitely try it.

      There are also Linux and Mac versions.
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        you could try Vegas pro v14 in a "humble bundle" for $20.

        At the price I might to get it myself...even if I do very little video editing now days.

        also includes a bunch of of other photo and music edting software

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          Thank you for the heads up, some apps in the bundle look really interesting.

          I edited and uploaded first video in Resolve 14, haven't yet mastered everything There was some constructive critique and I didn't have time to do another reedit to shorten it but for a first I think it's good.

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