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Nikon D80 quick impressions

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  • Nikon D80 quick impressions

    Comes with the option of two lens kits and I chose the 18 - 135 mm lens. I think this is now standard. When you first hold the camera you realise it's a fairly heavy camera. The balance isn't quite right so if you're not careful it's easier to get camera shake than some other models.

    Theres no anti shake or VR as nikon calls it with the standard kit you'll have to buy a better lense if you want that but luckily Nikon is good enough to get around that.

    Well the Nikon D80 makes my previous camera the Minolta Dimage A2 look the piece of junk it really was. With the Dimage you were stuck with an iso range of 100 - 200 at an ISO of 400 the image became blurry and noise was also a problem. It also struggled in less than perfect conditions. Nice Sky and Hillside. Forget it chose the Hill or the Sky. Gloomy conditions generally forget abot taking photo's. There was also the lousy vastly overated electronic viewfinder for the A2 which at times was useless depending where the sun was shining from.
    In perfect conditons the A2 could take very good pictures but conditions are rarley perfect.

    So the when the Nikon arrived the Weather was dull dark and awful for taking pictures. Good time to test how it could cope. Off to Clumber park. First of the conditions mean't that to avoid camera shake I had to use an ISO of 1600. So the question was how bad was the noise . Hardly noticable at all. You had to look for it. Did the picture get softer. Slightly but again it's not a problem.

    So you then know you've got a Camera that you can use in nearly all conditions bar rain etc. The ISO range also means you shouldn't really have a problem zooming and setting a quick enough shutter speed. I'm still going to get a Lense with VR as I find anti shake useful anyway.

    How does the camera cope with contrasts between dark areas and very bright areas. Very well indeed. So far I haven't lost the sky or the colours of a hillside when taking shots.

    The Camera comes with a host of inbuilt picture adjustement which I haven't used as yet prefer to do any adjustments on the computer itself. So far I haven't had to do much.

    An added bonus the focus points in the viewfinder also help you to keep your shots level. Not what it's mean't for I know but it's useful.

    The only slight negatives I've got is thats it's easy to accidently switch of the camera when adjusting the apature size. Also when you've decided that you haven't taken the shot properly striaght away adjusting the apature size will scroll you through the pictures you've taken rather than adjusting the apature. Minor niggles and get used to them quickly. A few sample shots included
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    Okay after a longer period of useage the switch off problem isn't one and there's only one minor one that's the LCD display steams up to easily very easily.

    I'll have to try one off those demisting clothes on it.

    Otherwise if you haven't got one and can save up too get one. You won't regret it.

    The range of useable ISO's makes life so easy. Unless you want to do a quick shot on wildlife cos the bugger will have flown off before you changed. Nope for photgraphing this is a superb camera. ISO 1600 noise you won't notice.

    The camera also displays a very good abilty too shoot photographs between strong contrasts so 99% of the time you can still capture sky and hillsides without the need for filters.

    For me this is one buy I'd never regret making.
    Chief Lemon Buyer no more Linux sucks but not as much
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