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    here you go:

    The S3 Pro was first announced on 5th February 2004, in the run up to the PMA show in Las Vegas. At that time the announcement was strictly the 'development of' type with very brief specifications and an expected completion date of 'second half of 2004'. Eight month later we've got our hands on a pre-production camera which is fully operational (although not final firmware). The camera looks and feels a 'level above' the S2 Pro, the new camera has a more rounded appearance with chunkier hand grips and more use of rubber around the hand grip and on the rear. In addition the S3 Pro now has a vertical had grip and shutter release button for easy portrait shooting.

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      umm next post
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        Ive learned to get rid of the light, by taking several shots and using a photoshop action to overlap them.

        first go, seems to work.

        of course i live in a city so theres not many stars! but this was only with 52 pictures..

        interval timing 30 second shots.


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          That's called image-stacking and is very popular amongst astronomers for taking more conventional shots. They often use a webcam on the back of a telescope, but they aren't normally looking to make artistic trails so each image will be automatically offset so they stack correctly, in combination with auto-guiding of the scope if they have it. A friend of mine started with a modified Philips Toucan on the back of his scopes (6" and 8") and graduated to an EOS 400D.


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            I tried another one using 149 shots and got better results.. man do i wish i could teleport back to Big Bend NP now.

            If you zoom in you can see that the trails are actually little dots, i dont think my camera is taking the pictures fast enough. I'll have to figure out how to correct that.


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              What's the total time for taking the shot? There are some interesting horizontal movements on there too.


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                Start 1:13:12 AM
                Finish 2:27:14 AM

                I probably could have let the camera stay out there longer but i was being impatient.

                Looks like i was in the flight of a UPS plane, they fly over my house all hours of the night.

                the horizontal lines on the bottom left though.. thats another story
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                  the big plane crossed my photo in picture #46

                  and in picture #47 the alien UFO flew into frame and never flew out


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                      I once made a 30s exposure of a fountain in front of a church; camera was also set to apply noise reduction (darkframe subtraction). About 10s fter having pressed the shutter button, a tourist walked in front of the church, aimed his camera at the fountain (and at me), and FLASH...
                      Had to wait 20s for that exposure to finish, then another 30s for the dark frame subtraction, then another 10s for the operation to finish...
                      All part of the fun...

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                        I had someone at a wedding two weeks ago while i was taking the group photos standing 10 feet left of me using his flash and taking pictures during my shots.

                        it was a nightmare