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  • Tale of woe...

    I was asked by my kids day nursery to get a program working on a Win98SE machine. The program is called CHOMP and is for calculating the calorie content and nutritional values of menues. It's a standalone proggie, so no worries about DLLs etc. When run it would display the splash screen and then BSOD with something liuke

    Fatal Exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C0059B79...the faulty application will be shut down

    No hits on that on Google, except for something with WinOnCD & printer drivers on a german web site. The program authors have no answers.

    So, last night I brought the machine home, installed a network card, eventually got the right drivers for it, and then set about using Windows Update...which took hours. (Actually before that I backed up the data to CD, but there was no s/w for the burner installed so had to dig out a OEM Nero CD and fix the serial).

    So, still BSODs. As Chomp is basically a database I thought 'lets update Office' but that made no difference. latest VIA 4in1's didn't help. (There is a note to use older ones with Win98SE but the link was broken).

    So then I realise there is a DVD playback card in there that isn't installed. Can't identify it initially, so I whip it out and hey presto, Chomp magically works.

    It is now midnight.

    Being the helpful fool I am, I eventually track the card down (DVD8300 aka Realmagic Hollywood plus) and find drivers. re-install the card and kill Chomp. 12.30. Ok, it think, just whip the card out in the morning and take it back (the machine had to be returned 1st thing today).

    Whip out (and uninstall) card, Chomp is still borked. Reinstall gfx, via drivers, mess with IRQs etc etc etc but no luck. So now it has gone back, I wasted 7 hours on it and the only advantage is they are now fully patched.


    PS I checked and it doesn't work on WinXP, even in compatablity mode, so my favourite fix of upgrading isn't an option.

    I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so hopefully they can cope for a week or so and then I can do a fresh install.

    Any suggestions for something quick to try when I make a brief visit there later gratefully received.


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    Can't it be so that the drivers have "upgraded" some DLL in the system?

    You could try running the EXE through Dependency Walker to see which DLLs it uses, and also try a profile and look in the log where it dies.

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      Or you could try running it with VDMSound's compatibility mode under XP.

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