Simple question... I have an old 2-in-1 laptop and just upgraded it to Windows 10. While it lacks the drivers for the Intel GMA915, I decided to upgrade it anyway. It seems all quite responsive, but there is no video playback (but it is too slow for modern codecs anyway).

edit: To my surprise, there is video playback! It manages to play a 480p video file very smoothly. It has issues with a 720p file, but that is more CPU-limited rather than anything else. I thought on my previous update to Windows 10 it did not manage. Still, very happy so far. It just is missing the possibility for higher resolutions, but maybe I can add it.

The main question: it has a few buttons on the tablet bezel, which can be assigned to e.g. launch a program or as a key-press. As Windows does not automatically detect that the laptop goes into tablet mode, I would love to have one of those buttons to switch between tablet mode and normal mode. Is there a hotkey or command that I can use to make that switch?

edit: Windows+A opens the action centre, so for now I have that one... but direct table mode toggle might be handier...