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Improved infra during coronachan

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  • Improved infra during coronachan

    I had some time and I've been productive during coronachan times:

    Set up
    New laptop: T480 with 2280 and 2242 drives so I can select dual boot in BIOS boot menu. Dock, external monitor, touch work out of box on Linux
    Finally built new ESX for which parts have been laying around for a year: Define S mini, X9SCM-F (Matrox G200), Xeon, 32GB, Noctua U12S so it's super quiet, IBM Serveraid M5210
    Time to turn off dual socket Proliant

    New mailcow mailserver - mailcow is pretty awesome, took me around 5h to set up with some issues, it sets up ssl and dkim key, so you have all green boxes on tests. Uses half as much resources as 10-year old Exchange. Once it's up everything is managed in web interface. More compatible with more versions of Microsoft Office than Microsoft, works with phone activesync. Also learned some docker in process.
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    New ESX server


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      I have so many things I want to improve in my home setup (mainly software/configuration wise), but just lack the time... I had hoped we'd have more work-from home or more free time at home because of quarantines, but somehow it did not happen...
      Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow. (James Dean)